Sunday, July 27, 2008

Open a file in Windows Media Player in Full Screen

I've created a cool little Flash executable that shows a list of my movies I've put on my computer, along with a little summary and the run time. I set it up so that all you had to do is browse for the movie within the program, then just click play and Windows Media Player would automatically play the file. Unfortunately, I could find no way within WMP to have the file START automatically in Full Screen Mode. I'd always have to do it manually.

Long story short, I eventually found the answer in a forum somewhere and have decided to re-post it here, so more people can gain access to it.

For my application, I simply updated a .bat file to fill in the correct movie name everytime. If you only want it for one movie file though, simply create a .bat file that contains the following code:

"%ProgramFiles%Windows Media Player/wmplayer.exe" C:/path_to_movie.avi /fullscreen

Note: There are spaces between the words in "Windows Media Player", and there is a space after the location of your movie file and the parameter "/fullscreen".

Hope it helps.

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